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Oman’s coastline stretches for approximately 3,165 kilometres, from the Strait of Hormuz in the north, to Dhofar region in the south. The nature of this coastal strip varies from sandy beaches to fjords and cliffs, including some scattered islands, making them ideal for fishing and marine excursions.
We are operating from Millennium Resort, and one of the nearest touristic attraction is the Dymaniyat Islands. These Islands are considered a Nature Reserve, located in Wilayat Al-Seeb about 18 kilometers off the coast of Barka (70 kilometers west of Muscat, the capital). It is composed of nine islands. The reserve features pristine beaches on which the white sands are caressed by the sea’s crystal blue waters. This reserve has a rich natural heritage and is replete with several kinds of coral reefs, including some examples that are quite rare. The island is home to a large number of sea turtles including their breeding grounds, as well as a magnet for migratory and indigenous birds. This nature reserve is one of the most beautiful diving locations in the Sea of Oman. They are more than 22 known diving sites, in addition to being perfect for snorkeling. Sometimes people camp on the islands, especially in the period from October to February.

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